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Clara accidentally taking the TARDIS to Gallifrey is not a plot hole


It has been stated many times that only the events of the Time War were time locked (a lock that has already been broken twice, I might add), not all of Gallifreyan history. 

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"I like your name."

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Can we talk about the fact that when Clara left the Doctor in the barn and they took off, that was probably THE FIRST TIME HE EVER HEARD THE TARDIS SOUND?? He loves that sound. He could fly her without making that sound, but he loves that sound. And the first time he ever heard it was when the terror under his bed kept him company when he was alone and scared and gave him courage.

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You know the sound the TARDIS makes? That wheezing, groaning? That sound brings hope where ever it goes. To anyone who hears it, Doctor. Anyone. However lost. Even you.

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8.04 - Listen (screencaps)

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Clara Oswald + Being Cute

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The “where’s Wally” conversation was a direct parallel to the overall story of the episode: the Doctor relentlessly looking for something that may not exist.


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Now we know what was under the blankett

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"Scared is a super power"

—the Doctor, and one of the most uplifting things ive heard (via guardian-of-our-galaxy)

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To clear up the whole “Time Lords are a race” debacle


  • Gallifreyan is the term for the humanoid race indigenous to Gallifrey
  • Time Lord is a status achieved by somebody who attends and graduates the Time Lord Academy
  • The ability of regeneration is given to Time Lords, and is not something that Gallifreyans are born (or loomed) with.
  • Not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords (Example: The Outsiders)
  • Not all Time Lords are Gallifreyans (Example: River Song (And possibly Ace, if you consider that to be canon))

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But there were stories that out there, wherever that was, there existed a shadowy half-man, simultaneously alive and dead, murderer and victim. No one knew what he looked like, except that he had only one arm – and no one could agree which one he had lost, or how it had happened. His name…

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Doctor Who - Probably the only REAL reason he needs companions.

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