come down now

come down from your tower now


*walks out of exam*

well i was successfully able to bullshit every answer on the test so i think i did okay

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The real difference between cats & dogs

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"There’s a lot of damsels in distress on television and what I love about Jeff is he writes really strong female characters. My favorite part about Malia is that she’s the big spoon. I mean, it makes Malia look stronger!"

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i was gonna say “why is everyone in animes teenagers why is the fate of everyone on earth always left up to a teenager” and then i realise its because teenagers are the ones gonna be watchin the anime so we can identify with the characters more. plus i dont think anybody would be excited to see grandpa get in the robot

what the fuck are you talking about id pay money to see grandpa get in the robot

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You want my phone number? It’s useless. The best way to contact me is to fill a human skull with acorns and vigorously shake it into the night. I will hear you eventually.

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"At what point do you take girls out of school altogether because boys can’t handle it?"

—Parent of a female teen whose school banned leggings (via onlinegf)

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Is summer still a thing ? Does warm weather still exist? Will it ever come back?

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instead of them being spread out in tiny posts i’m reposting these babs grouped all together. ; u; our little solar system havin an ugly sweater party. ♥

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They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy. What a bunch of a-holes.

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Fall Out Boy’s first song at their first show after their “reunion” (X)

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"but which one of your favorite characters is your absolute favorite?”


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Let’s take a moment to appreciate what a my friends friend from Chicago did to ask his girlfriend to prom.

if someone did that for me i’d have a heartattack

ive scrolled past this like 200 times and only just now did i notice that was ADTR

woah thats awesome as fuck


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“kill myself” was the most common answer when they contemplated the possibility of life as a girl

Yeah, tell me again how misogyny “isn’t real” and men and boys actually “love”, “like” and “respect the female sex”? This is how deep misogynistic propaganda runs in this world. Men and boys are so viscerally contemptuous of anything or anyone who/that is female or feminine, or perceived to be female or feminine, that they would rather commit suicide than to be associated with— or become a member of— the female sex. As Germaine Greer said, “women have no idea how much men hate them.”

they would rather die then be treated how they treat us

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Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson is marching with protestors in Fergoson, MO.

After being given control of Ferguson from the Missouri Governor, Johnson has ordered all police to remove their masks and cease their violent tactics. He is protecting the citizens’ right to peaceful protest, and is actively engaging in dialogue with protesting residents.


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